Popular South Goa Beaches

  1. Palolem Beach

    Palolem Beach - South Goa beach

    Palolem Beach is one of the famous & best beaches in Goa and top tourist attraction in South Goa. Palolem Beach is also known as 'Paradise Beach'. This beach is lined with towering coconut palms. The beach is about a mile long and it provides seclusion and idyllic scenery. Palolem Beach is a crescent shape beach and one can soak in its views from the southern end till the northern end in one glimpse of the eyes. It has little wooded islands to the north and a village behind the beach.

    At the northern end of the beach there is a fresh water stream and across the stream lies a small undeveloped island that can be accessed by just swimming across during low tide or taking a ferry. There is a rocky terrain which is fun exploring. At the top of the island there is a stone sculpture created by an American artist Jacek Tylicki called ''Give if you can - Take if you have to'' also called ''the Money stone''.

  2. Patnem Beach

    Patnem Beach - South Goa beach

    Patnem Beach is a beautiful strip of golden sand, which reclined from both sides onto rocky headlands and capes. Patnem beach is situated to the southern edge of Colomb, south of Palolem. The Arabian Sea is shallow here. This is an eco friendly place that tries to heal you by offering a wide range of treatments including reiki and yoga.

    Patnem Beach is also the quietest place amongst all the beaches of South Goa. The Patnem Beach is a crescent white sand beach and is not as long as Palolem and Agonda Beach. Patnem is never overcrowded even in the peak season. The Patnem Beach is suitable for swimming as the undertow rarely gets strong. If you are looking to avoid the crowds and enjoy having a sun tan then Patnem can be an ideal location.

  3. Agonda Beach

    Agonda Beach - South Goa beach

    If you love absolute peace and calm, then Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa is Agonda beach. Along strip of white sand, its lined with sawing palm and casuarina trees. This wonderful beach is overlooked by an enormous hill to the south.

    Agonda beach is an ideal place for people looking to enjoy nature and avoid crowded beaches, loud music and night parties. However¸ its great for enjoying some spectacular views, taking a leisurely stroll and having a relaxed day at the beach.

  4. Butterfly Beach

    Butterfly Beach - South Goa beach

    Butterfly Beach is located on the Butterfly Island in South Goa. Butterfly Beach is a tiny beach cove that lies just 6 km north of Palolem beach. The sands here are perfectly white and the water translucent. Butterfly Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches among all the beaches of Goa. It is serene, peaceful and mesmerizing. This beach would be the best place to unwind and relax.

    The Butterfly Beach is surrounded by a lot of rocks. Butterfly beach can easily be described as a piece of heaven on earth. The Butterfly Beach was named by earlier tourists who used to visit the place and saw millions of butterflies flying on the blossoms on the hillside. The main attraction of the beach is its famous Dolphin Play and the mesmerizing sunset.

  5. Colva Beach

    Colva Beach - South Goa beach

    Colva Beach is the oldest, largest and the most spectacular beaches of South Goa. The beach consists of about 25 km of the fine powdered white sand and is bounded along its coast by coconut palms that stretch along south Goa's coastline.

    The main beach area can get quite crowded especially on weekends. Colva is South Goa's most happening beach especially for shopping and nightlife. This beach is constantly monitored by lifeguards and the swimming areas are flagged for warnings. Apart from the beach itself the other main attraction for the tourists are the 'Menino Jesus' statue at the church of Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Piedade (Our Lady of Mercy).

  6. Benaulim Beach

    Benaulim Beach - South Goa beach

    Calm and peaceful with a long stretch of white sand coastline. This firmly describes the leisure beach situated in the south of Goa. This beach in Goa is left untouched by the tourists which makes it a perfect escapade for someone looking for closeness to nature. Enjoying the immense beauty and serenity, one can simply laze around on the Benaulim beach.

    It's one of the evergreen destinations of Goa, which is also popular as heaven for tourists. It has everything right from enchanting beaches, luxurious silvery sands, excellent accommodation, to nightlife and parties. Away from hustle and bustle of the city, the beach is a perfect place for beach bums to relax and regenerate their spirits.

  7. Betalbatim Beach

    Betalbatim Beach - South Goa beach

    Betalbatim beach is popularly known as the Sunset Beach of Goa. This vast stretch of white sand beach lies in between the Majorda and Colva Beaches. You can literally walk up to Betalbatim Beach from Colva Beach (road distance is about 4.5 km). Unlike most Goa beaches that are lined up with palm trees, this beach has a numerous pine trees along the shoreline. Betalbatim is known for its clean sands and beautiful surroundings.

    This Beach is amongst the cleanest of all the Goa beaches and has considerably less commercial activity compared to Colva and other popular beaches. D olphins are a common site near the shores of Betalbatim and the local fishermen offer a ride to the tourists to catch a glimpse of the Dolphins.

  8. Cola Beach

    Cola Beach - South Goa beach

    The Cola Beach or Khola Beach is a private beach located 5 km north of Agonda Beach and 12 km from Palolem Beach. It is one of the remote beaches of Goa that is suitable for those seeking a lovely place for complete peace and relaxation. One distinctive point that separates Cola Beach from others is the fresh water lagoon on its sea shore that is connected to sea. Cola Beach is characterized by the fresh and cool breeze of palm trees.

    There are two beaches, Little Cola Beach in the north and usual Cola Beach in the south, which all together enframe two adjacent bays of the Arabian Sea. The beach is fairly safe, the lagoon offers great opportunities for swimming, fishing and kayaking, the beach offers great options for sports and the surrounding rocks offer a little bit adventure too.

  9. Majorda Beach

    Majorda Beach - South Goa beach

    Majorda Beach is situated in the southern part of Bogmalo. This beautiful beach covered with lot of palm groves. According the Indian mythology, Legends believed that Lord Rama was kidnapped and brought to the Majorda beach in his childhood. The calm and clear waters are ideal for swimming, though it is advisable to stay close to the shores.

    Majorda is also the place where the Jesuits discovered the best toddy of Goa who used it to leaven the bread. Even today the people of Majorda are known to be the best bakers of Goa as they were the first to know the art of baking European breads.

  10. Bogmalo Beach

    Bogmalo Beach - South Goa beach

    The very serene yet lively, the Bogmala beach in Goa has been an ideal spot for tourists throughout the year. Bogmalo has turned itself into a haven for the leisure seeking chaps. One can simply laze around on the shacks or get himself caught in the luring waters ahead of the sandy beach.

    Being considered as one of the safest and cleanest beaches in the whole of Goa, sunbathing and swimming are the most indulged in activities at Bogmalo. Away from the hustle of the beach, tourists can also go for dolphin spotting rides. These rides are often arranged in the morning time, when the dolphins are close to the shore.

  11. Mobor Beach

    Mobor Beach - South Goa beach

    The Mobor Beach is a beautiful, tranquil and clean beach situated at the south of the Cavelossim Beach. A major factor that attracts the tourists to this place is its serenity and less crowded atmosphere. This beach is now one of the most happening and popular holiday destinations in Goa and is known to be an ideal location for the adventure tourists.

    The beach is located close to the mouth of the river Sal. The tourists can enjoy sun bathing on the beach. Dolphin trips and sunset cruises are among the other attractions at the Mobor Beach. Every year thousands of tourists come to the beach to indulge in water sports.

  12. Cavelossim Beach

    Cavelossim Beach - South Goa beach

    Cavelossim Beach is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Goa. Though this beach is not very popular, it is counted among the most beautiful beaches of India. Cavelossim is a 10 km strip of pristine beach famous for its silvery soft sand, brilliant sunshine and blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The beach gives a peaceful and relaxed vibe.

    Cavelossim Beach is located between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River. The engrossing beauty of this beach is heightened by the blooming paddy fields, cascading Sal River and silvery sands. At a certain intervals of this silvery beach, there are scattered black lava rocks which heighten its beauty. This composite beauty of natural splendor makes this beach a romantic gateway for spending a memorable holiday. This is a neat and clean beach where tourists can laze around, have long walks, indulge in swimming, go for Dolphin trips and sunset cruises on the River Sal.

  13. Betul Beach

    Betul Beach - South Goa beach

    Betul Beach is a small beach amongst the beaches of Goa and is situated along the southern end of the River Sal. This beach is basically a cove, it has a hillock on one side and laced with coconut tree plantation on the other side. You will be able to see where the Sal River drains out into the vast Arabian Sea in the Betul Beach. Moreover Betul Beach is a stretch of silvery sand it offers total privacy and breathtaking views.

    This secluded beach is known as the fishing beach of Goa and is very famous for its cool climate. A number of tourists visit this beach to enjoy their fishing in Goa. Betul Beach is also a famous for its cheap and fresh seafood supply. It is renowned for Goa's finest and largest mussels and ensnared to the banks by deft divers. Betul offers a secluded space to relax and swim in clear waters surrounded by beautiful natural landscape.