Top 10 Reason to Rent a Bike in Goa - This Will Change Your Mind

#1 Lowest Petrol Price (Ride/Travel More)

Petrol Price is Less in Goa

Petrol Price in Goa is very Less, 62.83/- Rupees per liter (2018). It was less than that few months back. The point is, Goa is a Small State and places around here are very close (Famous Tourist Attraction Point). Just 10-20 Km away from each other. If you choose to visit this places with other transport, then it will cost you more money and time. Just imagine, how much money you will save by renting a bike. And think how far you can ride with such a low price fuel.

#2 Cost Effective (Save More)

Renting Bike in Goa is cheaper compare to hiring taxi Taxi will cost you more. Charges will be on trip basis

Cost of Renting Bike in Goa is Very Cheaper compare to Taxi, Hotel Shuttle and Rickshaw. Bike will cost you around 250-350/- Rupees per day and Taxi and other services will cost you more than that. They will charge you on trip basis. It’s better to spend 350/- Rupees per day then thousands of rupees per trip. You will save lots of money if you choose to explore Goa by Bike.

#3 See Everything the Goa has to Offer (Transport Matters)

Renting Bike in Goa is cheaper compare to hiring taxi Renting Bike in Goa is cheaper compare to hiring taxi Renting Bike in Goa is cheaper compare to hiring taxi

If you travel by some other transport, there are possibilities of not reaching to where you want. For example, if you choose car then traffic jam can stop you. Bus and Train have their own problem. So choosing those transport will stop you somewhere, you do not have any control on those transport. If you have bike you can easily cut the traffic. This is what the advantage is. You can google some other route and can easily get navigated. You will not get late or miss movie, parties, functions or anything. You will get to see everything.

Also, if you plan to spend your 31st in Goa, please do not think of driving car around Calangute or any other tourist places. On 31st, traffic is always jam here. If you want to celebrate 31st or any other Big Events, please choose bike to get in and to move out. Goa is the place where you can have Best of Everything, only if you choose correct transport.

#4 Freedom (You are the BOSS)

Renting Bike in Goa is cheaper compare to hiring taxi Renting Bike in Goa is cheaper compare to hiring taxi Renting Bike in Goa is cheaper compare to hiring taxi

The freedom of travelling by bike is unmatched. You can do whatever you want and whenever you want. You are not dependent on anyone or anyone’s schedule. You can take any road you want, you can stop wherever you want, stop to take photos, stop to have a snacks, you can stop as often as you want and you can pee when you want to pee. Once you have arrived at your destination, you can easily check and compare different guesthouse before choosing one. Once checked in, you can go and explore that place and its surrounding on your own.

#5 Amazing Roads (Passing through Beaches, Jungle, Hills etc.)

Goa has Great Roads. Not just a Highway but also Rural Areas. Roads are very smooth and you will not get bored riding your bike.

#6 Stunning Views (Enjoy as long as you want)

When riding you can see beautiful views to your both side. The view through the window of a bus or train just doesn’t compare to this. And the Problem is, if you are on bus then bus driver will not stop for you. He will stick to the route and time. If you want to stop and enjoy views, then please rent a bike.

#7 Photo Opportunity (Never Miss)

Many times it happens that, while traveling by bus or train you miss good opportunity to take a picture of view which is just pass by. This happens when you are dependent on other. If you have bike, you can stop and can easily take as many photos you want. So why waste such opportunity? You are here to enjoy, to explore. And renting a bike will make sure that you do not miss any opportunity.

#8 Discover More Than Others (Visit un Seen Places)

Getting around in Goa by renting bike enables you to discover places which you most probably would have missed. Tour buses mostly visit the well-established tourist sites and also they stick to the main paths. With a bike you are free to roam around and you can visit those lesser known places that no tour company will head for.

#9 Meet Locals (It’s always not about the Places)

Yes! It’s always not about the places, but people who live there too. Riding bikes around will enable you to interact with locals. You can ask them for directions, best places in town, where they will get good food and many more. People in Goa are very good and friendly, they know why you come to goa. They will share you right information. Information which you will never find on internet or through any other sources for like travel agent, driver or any other person who brought you here. Riding different places will tell you more about people, their culture. If you plan to explore goa by tour bus, then you will not receive search information. we recommend you to rent a bike and explore goa in your own style.

#10 Enjoy Night Life (Some places are needed to be seen at night only)

Renting Bike here, will allow you to ride and enjoy night life of Goa. Go to night market, do shopping, watch movie till late night, explore some places etc. Calangute is the best place to spend night. Doing same things by hiring some other transport like taxi will cost you more. Also at night, it is always difficult to find transport.

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