Follow These 10 Rules If You Rented Car in Goa - [Must Follow Rules in Goa]

This article for those who already rented car, and also for those who are planning to rent a car in Goa.

Rules??? Looks like a serious topic. Well not that serious, consider this as a guide lines, or may be a tips to do and not to do after you get self drive car in Goa. This are not even safety rules.

*strongly suggest to read each point mentioned below. Very helpful.

#1 Familiarise with the rental car

Familiarise with the rental car

Starting from the very basic rule, you should get familiarise with the car you picked. This not even look or sounds like rule. Ok! Suppose you owns small hatchback car (Swift) and you are very used to it, you can drive very smooth in traffic and all, but here you rented a big car like sedan (Honda Civic) or may be SUV, the problem you will face is that in traffic you will get very uncomfortable. May be you will think you will hit the front car may be while reversing you will hit the compound wall etc etc. This going to be a very uncomfortable Goa Tour. It’s depends on you, if you are quick Learner then ok fine. Lets learn and enjoy driving here in Goa. If you are not then no problem, will help you.

Fact is every car is different. Chances are that you will not be renting the same car model as you drive back home. Before heading out, make sure to take some time to adjust the seat and mirrors to your liking. Check where the car functions such as air conditioning, lights, windshields wipers and handbrake are located. Once you have familiarised yourself with the vehicle you are ready to go. Get used to most of the functioning! Don’t search for buttons and all while driving in traffic. :D

#2 Do Not Drink & Drive

Do Not Drink & Drive

Sounds like rule. :D Haha…! Putting this straight, if you get caught police will charge you heavy fine, also they will take you and your car and the provider in court. All the best afterwards. Also while driving you are not only risking your life but other local people lives too. So this is very serious issue, please do not drink and drive. Find non drinker in your group :D :D , you know how to settle this latter. :D

*Police are everywhere, largely settle in Calangute, Panjim, Baga, Porvorim, Vasco, Madgaon etc etc. Don’t be stupid to try Drink & Drive. You will get caught easily.

#3 Know where you are going

Know where you are going

Is this a rule? Yes if you follow road sign and all. You might think this is stupid to mention but this is not, if you are travelling somewhere you need to know roads and all. Or at least your friend or partner should navigate you, show you the proper direction, which road is one way and which is not.

Still it sounds stupid?

Ok! Let me explain little deeper. Suppose you are driving or riding on a unknown road or in an unknown city and you are a outsider, local people will notice that and they will simply figure out your small small mistakes and they will shout at you. For example in a market you are attempting to go through one way road following local vehicle, people will check you number plate and will shout at you, saying you don’t know rules and all. Got the point?

Hope this rule is not sounding stupid. Use google map for navigation, when you are confused, stop the vehicle and ask locals for navigation. Don’t simply break the rules. Ask when confused.

*New in Goa? Panjim, Vasco, Madgaon, Mapusa and Ponda Cities Roads are confusing. Use Google map and ask locals for navigation.

#4 Always use Seat Belts

Always use Seat Belts

Seat belts, again these is must follow rule. There are camera all over places in Goa. For your safety please wear seat belt and drive. If car seat belt is broken then please do not take that vehicle for rent, find some other vehicle and please check everything before renting. Also, seat belt is not only for driver safety. Car company provided safety belt for all seats, so please wear those.

#5 Get Back in Time (Return vehicle on time)

Get Back in Time (Return vehicle on time)

Car rental companies, especially during the high season, run on a very tight schedule. Please return the rental car on the agreed time as delay charges add up fast and might cost you a full rental day plus extras if you have not informed the agency.

Consider this as a rule. If followed you will save money or else you have to pay extra. Also with that you will add one more day to enjoy your time here in Goa. *extra for stay and food also :D

*Calangute, Baga, Vasco, Madgaon & Panjim are very famous location in Goa and many tourists lands here, demand for rental cars & bikes here are very high, this area works on very tight schedule in season time.

#6 Stay on the Road

Stay on the Road

:D What type of Rule is Stay on the Road is? Some people are wild. They like to do stunt on the beach, later on, that same stunt master calls the car towing company to pull out the car from beach sand. Haha :D

Rental cars are not meant for a safari expedition. Make sure you remember that and respect the car for what it is. Taking your rental car off-road is a direct violation of the rental agreement. Any damages that might happen during your 4x4 endeavours, or if you get stuck in a beach or mountain, is not something that is covered by insurance. You will be paying extra fees for towing and cleaning.

#7 Do not lose your car keys

Do not lose your car keys

Car keys are no longer the same as they used to be. You can’t just go to your local hardware store and get a new copy. Complex electronics are located inside the car keys and since you can’t get them copied, you must order your copy from the manufacturer. And believe me, they cost a lot. Make sure you remember where you keep it. Extra fees are also be applied over the cost of the car key in case of the loss.

If you think you will not loose, think twice. Because here it happens many times, when customer go for party and all, they don’t remember anything about last night, who have drop them etc etc. so if you are party animal, please do not lose your car key, also your belongings.

#8 Selfie stunt!! Do not risk your life

Selfie stunt!! Do not risk your life

Please don’t try to take selfie while driving car, there are many accident case with bikes. And very few with cars, but cars accidents are dangerous, they hit other bikes and cars on road putting other lives in danger. So if you are selfie addict, stop somewhere and take selfie. There are many beautiful places in Goa. Go their and take selfie, in car you can take any time you want. But those selfie and outdoor selfie are different.

#9 Do not throw beers bottle or anything on road

Do not throw beers bottle or anything on road

Many tourist drink inside the car and throw bottles and cans on road. If you get caught you need to pay huge fine. Now you might say you will park car somewhere away and do the party. Please don’t, you will get caught easily, locals hate this type of behaviour, they will call police. If you want to party go to bar or somewhere where drink is allowed. Stay there and party. There’s a misunderstanding, many outsiders think Goa is party Location, they can stop their car nearby beach area and start partying. This is wrong. Please stop this. Do not drink in car and drive. If you get caught you and the car and the car provider will be charged heavy fine and all of you will be taken to court.

#10 Be careful where you park

Be careful where you park

Park only where car parking is allowed. Do not park in Bike Parking Area. This is very common rule and expecting you already know about it.

*Mapusa car parking is difficult. Paid parking available near bus stand, taxi stands, ground near market.

*In Panjim parking is difficult most of the time. You will get, you just have to keep circling and check for availability. :D :D

*Madgaon, Vasco & other places parking is easily available and you may not find difficulties to find parking spot.

*Calangute & Baga parking is difficult in season time. Keep circling around you will definitely get good spot. :D :D

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