Best Places to Rent a Bike in Goa - Location, Price & Tips

Let’s begin this with a question. Are you already in Goa or you are planning to visit Goa? If you are planning than you are lucky that you find us here and reading this article. Will definitely make your Goa Trip memorable. If you want to know Best Places to hire bike, want to save money, looking for good deal, quality services, suggestions and tips, well keep reading this article till end. You will save lots of money and will come back here to thanks us. And those who already in Goa and reading this article, well you are also lucky. lucky now? Or will get lucky for next trip? Let’s find this out.

Best Places to Rent a Bike in Goa - Location, Price & Tips

For those who are planning to visit Goa (Friend Circle, Couple, Family, SOLO)

If you have decided or your planning to explore Goa on bike, you are awesome. Why? Because you only enjoy this place to the fullest, when you have bike. You have complete freedom, go wherever you want, whenever you want, no boundaries (why only goa?) and Big Advantage is, petrol price in Goa is 62.86/- Rupees per liter. What else you want? fill up the tank to its limit and get lost.

And by any chance you are thinking not to get bike. Believe me, you will spend half of the time traveling, not exploring. If you are planning to travel by bus or a train, then please don’t. Buses which are passing by the tourist’s spot are mostly crowded. And about train, there are only few stations here (Madgaon, Vasco and Thivim Railway Station) (Not like Mumbai or Pune). If you are choosing these transport, well you are saving money. Lucky you. But you will spend half of the time travelling and changing bus or a train. It’s up to you. If you want to save money, then choose to travel by bus and train.

Also there is one more option. Get taxi or private car, which will come with driver. Complete safe tour. He will take you to the Best Places, Restaurants, Bar and Pubs. Also he will provide you information while driving. That good somewhere. You get a guide. But problem is, you get dependent. Also you will spend more money compare to hiring a bike.

Let’s stop here and get to the point.

Best Places to Rent a Bike

Goa is the best place to rent bike. Just kidding..!!

These are the location to hire bike

(Mapusa, Panjim, Madgaon and Vasco are major cities.)

We call these best because, all these areas/cities are surrounded by Famous Places like Forts, Beaches, Museums, Churches, Temples, Caves etc. also Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs, Bar and Pubs, Shopping Malls, Casinos, Flea Markets etc. All these inside a few km Radius. You will easily get bike for just 250/- rupees per day in some areas but then you will have to ride more kilometers to reach Top Sights.

For those who are already in Goa (Friend Circle, Couple, Family, SOLO)

Just Arrived in Goa

If you just arrived or on the way and you want to hire bike immediately, no problem you will get bike. There are many Top Rental Business in Goa who always happy to offer their bike rental services to tourists and locals. Whether you are in Calangute, Baga, Panjim, Old Goa, Miramar, Dona Paula anywhere, North Goa – South Goa, no matter where you are, you will always find Rental Shop on every street and corner of Goa. If still trouble finding, then you can directly ask someone for the bike and he or she will give their bike for rent (Only if bike is clear for Rental Service) or at least sure to provide you contact details of person who rents vehicle or have a rental business.

If you are on Bus Stand and Reached just now

You will easily get bikes in Mapusa, Panjim, Vasco and Madgaon Bus Stands. There are many rental shop near Bus Stand. You can go and ask them for bike.

If you just landed by plane

There are many rental shops near airport.

If you are in Hotel

Ask hotel manager, he will have contacts of bike rentals. He will make phone call to get you bike or you can move out of the hotel and walk a few distance, you will find rental shops. These shops are not hard to find.

Price Difference

Please do note that, rental rates are not same for every location. You will find some ups and down base on location, demand and vehicle condition.

More Price information: Goa Bike Rental Tariff 2020 - Gear/Non-Gear

North Goa Bike Rental Cost: High
(Mapusa, Panaji, Calangute, Candolim, Dona Paula, Sinquerim, Vagator and Anjuna)

South Goa Bike Rental Cost: Low (50-100/- Rupees Less)
(Canacona, Margao, Vasco, Cova, Palolem, Benaulim)

Things to Remember while Renting a Bike

  • Check the vehicle for any damage and scratches
  • Take photos of bike from all side (keep it as proof)
  • Take test ride
  • Check Breaks
  • Check if petrol is there or not
  • Ask for helmet
  • Save contact details of the dealer

Things to Remember while Riding Bike around

  • Do not Drink and Ride
  • Wear helmet and follow traffic rules (Rules are very Strict in Goa)
  • Don’t go Triple seat
  • Ride Slow

Suggestion and Tips

  • Ask many Bike Rentals to get Best Deal
  • Try to Negotiate on cost
  • If you are group and hiring more than 2-3 bikes then you will get good discount.
  • Also Discounted rates are given for weekly and monthly rentals.
  • Always try asking for better model/serviced model to avoid any problems later
  • Hire non-gear bike, if you plan to travel short distance with some bags.
  • Hire Gear bike, if you plan to travel long distance.
  • Don’t carry big bags with you while travelling
  • Always keep camera with you
  • Keep your tank full
  • Wear sunglasses

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