10 Things To Check Before Renting Car in Goa - [Must Check]

Exploring Goa can be difficult to do on someone else schedule. You have so many things to do, you make your own checklist, planning to go south, then north, partying etc etc and all this things is very difficult to happen when your trip is not entirely in your control. You always not in a position to change your destination. Add some more time in one place, then putting few in some other. partying late night, waiting for something special to happen in between etc etc will put a big dent in your wallet. Yes! Very big. Because first you are dependent, second you have to pay because you are dependent. But if you have driving license, you are lucky and can rent your own car in Goa.

Ok! Assuming your planning to hire self drive car in Goa. The question is whether you are first-timer or a experienced person in renting car. Considering you, in a middle, car rental can be daunting for both. One missed from the checklist and you might end up with worried face your entire trip. If you’re taking friends or family along, then get ready to take some firing from them if you put them in certainly unexpected situation.

Ok! Too much for the brain to visualise all this trouble, we want you to spend good time in Goa. Let us help you, below are some few valuable things to keep in mind when you pick up your car from the rental agency.

Fact: Renting a car is one of best way to explore Goa, you are the captain, go wherever you want, whenever you want. You are not dependent on public transport schedule.

#1 Check the car exterior

Check the car exterior

You do not want to be responsible for another person’s mistakes. Please make sure you inspect the car before heading on your way for any scratches or dent. Take a minute to walk around the car, check from all angles for any damage. If you find any damage, ask the provider to mark it on some paper before you leave. Take photos. You might need those later. Try doing every possible things to make your side safer.

#2 Check the interior

Check the interior

Like exterior, check the interior for any damage. If found, aware about those to provider. Ask them to mark it on some paperwork. For the safety, take interior photos of both non-damage and damage things. Like I said it before, try to be in safe position.

Please Note: photos are the proof. Please do not delete those. In some cases, customer damage part which cost very less on pocket but rental agency demand huge amount settling their other losses which you are not part of.

#3 Start the Car

Start the Car

Things looks great from outside, but possible not from inside. OK! We seeing enough. Lets hear the car. This is important. If you have your own car, you know how car normally sounds. Assuming you are mechanic which you are not, but for a moment lets pretend and figure out something sound sound which is not suppose to be sound. :D haha! To be clear, please start the car and carefully listen to the car engine noise. If something does't sound good then please inform the provider. Try not to be in position of donating new engine. :D

#4 Lights and Indicator

Lights and Indicator

This happens many times, as this deal take place during the day time, most of the time customer fails to check headlights and indicator. Later they complaint during night. This complaints are very rare with cars. With bikes little high compare to car. Bikes headlights and indicator often fail to work most of the time. Whereas with the car, no such issue. Car maintenance is taken seriously compare to bike. So, please while renting do check this small small things.

#5 Off-course Check car horn.. Peh pehhh

Off-course Check car horn.. Peh pehhh

You need horn. Horn is Must!! You are driving in Goa, cities and in very local areas, you always need this horn. Don’t take the car if it has no horn. Imaging you are driving on high way and suddenly animal or any vehicle comes in between try crossing you, and you both are in a situation of hitting each other, and chances of not getting hit is only possible if you somehow aware or alert the opposite rider/driver by HORN then this horn is must. If no horn in such situation then there are many hospitals in Goa. Don’t worry! Peh pehhh

#6 Check Vehicle Papers

Check Vehicle Papers

Very rare case, where you get chori ki car and then police caught you and announcing you as a robber. Don’t worry! This things not happening here in Goa. But it happens very opposite, where customer takes car/bike, drive fast, takes drinks, bang somewhere etc etc etc. hope you will drive nicely. You know the ending. Lets try making Goa Trip more beautiful and memorable. The point is, check the paper, details written on it and verify everything before renting.

#7 Car Music System

Car Music System

You need? Yes..! you are in Goa. You are here to spend good time. Driving the costal roads and playing your favourite songs will definitely change your mood. Or you are here with friends and destination is too far, and you need something to keep you and others to stay awake, then you need music. Many times it happens one is driving and other fellow is sleeping. Later the driving fellow fills sleepy, and you know how it ends up later. For both safety and excitement please check if music system is working.

#8 Check Door locks

Check Door locks

Yes! Please do not forget to checking locking system of doors. If lock is damage then your bags and other belongings will be robbed. This is your responsibility. Also in addition, please check car key is working for door locks. Sometimes key get stuck. Or it may not even go inside. So please take care of this.

#9 Check Door windows

Check Door windows

Yes! Please check all 4 windows. It they are automatic then check buttons, try up and down keys. If it is manual then check if wheel or the handle is working fine. And very important, car windows glass and also front and back glass should not be tint black. Police will stop you and will fine you some few thousands. So take care of such things.

#10 Check Car Breaks

Check Car Breaks

Finally do the breaks checking. Do it carefully. There are no special roads for testing. :D :D .. if breaks are good then only take the vehicle or else don’t. Also with the breaks, check gears, clutch, accelerator pedal and other things.

Above are the must checked list before renting car. Hope this will help you all.

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